Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Chi - Lost then Found

I am shocked and stunned twice in as many weeks. Crestfallen and Lost then shockingly Happy giving way to simply not having the capacity to believe someone would ever say another person has passed away. Such sickness is abhorrent and will bring about it's own retribution.

Chi IS an amazing human being never taking anything for herself and always giving to others. She HAS such a beautiful soul with deep wisdom. Chi, hopefully will still call me her Moonbeam and I will still always remember her telling me to go shame the sun into shining.

Chi makes my life shine and I am certain she does this for all who are so very blessed to know. Shine on forever sweet Chi. I love you!


  1. Biteee its me Jilly I have been locked out of SL and I have posted messages for you on the website of second life, are you able to get them?

  2. Hi Jilly! It's very nice to recently hear from you. I do hope all's well on your end. I just not checked my profile messages and found that you sent me some :)))

  3. wooo hooo!!! yes i got your email, i will send you a long email back and we can chat away!!