Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Chi - Lost then Found

I am shocked and stunned twice in as many weeks. Crestfallen and Lost then shockingly Happy giving way to simply not having the capacity to believe someone would ever say another person has passed away. Such sickness is abhorrent and will bring about it's own retribution.

Chi IS an amazing human being never taking anything for herself and always giving to others. She HAS such a beautiful soul with deep wisdom. Chi, hopefully will still call me her Moonbeam and I will still always remember her telling me to go shame the sun into shining.

Chi makes my life shine and I am certain she does this for all who are so very blessed to know. Shine on forever sweet Chi. I love you!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Strengthening Calm

Beauty in Silence
Stillness, Hushed...and Silent
A Strengthening Calm

Thoughts Rush By

So many thoughts rush forward passing swiftly in succession; glimpses as tattered ribbons of understanding. They race beyond my grasp. Listless, I cannot reach forward to find a catch hold to go with them, to leave.

An almost comforting void of feeling draws me down to close my eyes and rest in peaceful silence; a prayer for simple acceptance without making any demands on Understanding.

In Hope's passion, we want so much more to be real than truly is.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am like the canvas stretched tight and dryed against the frame feeling her fingers touching me, rubbing me, preparing me and pressing out the few sparse wrinkles against the hard wood.

Soon she will trail the cool thick paint smoothing it over me.

I love her touch against my sides holding me firmly in her strong artist's hand....she pours forth her soul. Creating me.

A tear splash. I soak it up lovingly in the fibers of my being and come to life.

She is my sweet muse, my artist, my poet, my shaman, my lover.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I had a discussion with an atheist last night which was very different and a bit unsettling how I know it will limit and possibly end our friendship.

I'm still thinking about the exchange and my feelings about it. I believe that pure cold rational intellect has its place but I've discovered in myself that such a cold position cannot be consistent with my warm friendship.

I do not foist my beliefs on anyone and I am definitely not a bible thumper and I have real concerns with most organized religions. It was a stark sharp realization inside myself how much I realized I could never be close to an atheist.

a= meaning against
theism= meaning God

Anyone who is against the notion of a being or force or even beauty grace and truth above our human fraility is entitled to her own thoughts of course...

Atheists call themselves "Free Thinkers" but they do not have a lock on free thinking. They say they have a moral framework an ethical foundation and they say they are empathetic as part of their foundation. These are all good foundational concepts on how to behave and interract with others.

For me, I believe in magic, I believe in grace, I believe in the miracle of truth, I believe in something greater than myself to aspire to...Cold crisp intellect can be a cop out as much as blind faith is.

I believe we each have THE journey to attend to and it is difficult and it will require all our faculties...intellect and emotion, intuition and faith and some things we have yet to experience but we will...

I feel that an atheist is on a different journey than I am...This person I spoke with said there is no hope and that it is a waste of energy to hope. How sad and limiting this is...

Any great discovery and breakthrough change man has made has come from the "spark." Great art, great music, even great science all touches this "spark"

I wish each and everyone renewed Hope and may you each touch the "spark" and lift others around you to Hope and Shine forever along their journey...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hide and Seek

Longing to give, Longing to feel
Fragile, naive, without experience
Wanting you to choose me
Wanting you to take me
Find me
I'm already yours

Fae Dream

Wisps of fog and mist drift upon the surface of a lake
Looking out. Looking back. Reflecting.
Translucent veil of meaning insulating me
but I wait
Now afraid of the clearing breeze which will reveal
the looming shape of Truth on the distant shore